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If you're looking for a ride on lawn mower, you've come to the right place! We are delighted to offer a fantastic range of ride on lawn mowers, spare parts and accessories - in short, all you could wish for to manage the perfect lawn! We are proud to offer an extensive catalogue of ride on or sit on mowers available for sale on eBay right now at some rock bottom prices! Please click the links to the left and browse our categories, or alternatively, use our search facility below. Alternatively, just key in what you're looking for, hit the search button, and we'll do our best to find it for you. Our stocklist of ride on lawn mowers is also continually updated so be sure to bookmark us!

Some Important Tips on How to Get The Most Out of Your Ride on Mower!

Ride On MowersFor many families, the outdoor space surrounding their home is more than just a patch of grass. They consider their lawn to be an extension of their interior living space and use it for anything from family games and get-togethers to mealtimes and celebrations. This is why more and more families are choosing to purchase ride on mowers. Ride on mowers may seem like a large investment but the truth is they are an important tool in improving the curb appeal of a home and can help ensure an increase in the value of your property. If you are new to ride on mowers and are wondering about maintenance, proper use and general lawn care practices, then this article is for you. The following are a few important points to consider when caring for your lawn and your mower;

Ride On Lawn MowersWhen mowing your lawn it is important to be aware of the length of your grass and how much is being removed by your mower blades. The common rule of thumb is that you should avoid removing more than one third of the grass leaf in a single mow. However, there are exceptions. If it is the first mow of the season, or if you have not mowed for a lengthy period, then it is fine to cut the grass down lower. Leaving your lawn longer promotes new growth and can increase your grasses ability to store water and absorb more of the energy for photosynthesis. By maintaining a longer leaf your grass will also develop a healthier, deeper and stronger root system. This is imperative when using ride on mowers since they are quite a bit heavier than traditional push mowers and can place stress on plants with a weak root system.

Another important point is to avoid mowing in the same direction week after week. By alternating between horizontal, vertical and diagonal mowing patterns you can avoid lawn wear and tear and can help to prevent soil compaction. Although this can help to improve lawn growth on all sizes of lots, the damage caused by routine mowing patterns will be more noticeable on smaller areas.

Using your ride on mowers while your grass is wet can also cause damage and can lead to uneven grass growth, dry brown areas and can even affect the internal workings of the mower itself. The ideal time to mow your lawn is during mid day while the sun is high and the air is dry.

Although some people feel it is unsightly to leave grass trimmings on the lawn it can be incredibly beneficial for both your grass growth and the state of your earth and soil. By not removing grass trimmings your lawn will absorb all available nutrients and will grow to be brighter, thicker and hardier over time. It is also means a lot less garden waste and work!

And finally, try to keep your ride on mowers in good working condition. When well maintained all ride on mowers are valuable and convenient pieces of lawn equipment. By replacing any damaged parts, cleaning and sharpening blades and using high quality petrol and oil you can ensure that your lawn is enjoyed for many years to come.

We hope you enjoy the video below. It demonstrates using a ride on mower to cut grass on a steep slope. This is one of the hazardous manouvres to look out for and do take extra care!

(௭) Ransomes Commander 3520 Ride on Cylinder Mower Large Cut price inc VAT
(௭) Ransomes Commander 3520 Ride on Cylinder Mower Large Cut price inc VAT
Toro Reelmaster 6700-D Ride On Cylinder Mower Kubota Turbo Diesel Engine 42hp
Toro Reelmaster 6700-D Ride On Cylinder Mower Kubota Turbo Diesel Engine 42hp
Iseki SXG326 Ride On Diesel Mower
Iseki SXG326 Ride On Diesel Mower
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